Images for brave new world 

Images submitted for brave new world competition with folio society, final images look slightly constrained because they wanted them to be a specific size which was very annoying,  must learn to work to size requirements!!!


Final image for my reportage project, where will you go?

frogs in horniman museum they were "horni"

neo-gothic building - oxford natural history museum opended 1860 cat window crossing nature and religion

chloe and her sister abbi

some observational sketches from trips around with my friends and a cup of tea

Editorial project with Luke Best work produced from article about autistic children's struggle with education system, rough version, final to come....

Tower Hamlets project, we had to make reportage sketches of the borough, i focused on indian sweets, final piece to come....

                           sketches of Seb and India, i'm really enjoying using my watercolours

PAPER WEIGHT is the new zine we have started publishing. It's a collaboration between 20 year 2 BA Illustration students. This is our latest issue Apocalypse, I decided to look at tapestries with apocalyptic symbolism on them. This tapestry was called La Bete de la Mer- The beast of the sea. 


Hello i havent blogged for a while on here but i'm back! these are observational sketches i've been doing in and around Tower Hamelts. Im really enjoying using my watercolours at the moment and working tonally.


doll I made for esme, bad scan but i dont have my camera i hope you enjoy her great legs