Illustration Example: Graham Rawle, The wizard of Oz
I have already featured Rawle's work on my blog, however I wanted to include it in my examples of work from the place I call home as I think he is a brilliant writer and illustrator, who has transformed the traditional book with his fantastical images. I love the story and feel it is an important book produced by an English novelist/Illustrator.  

Illustration Example: David Hughes, Walking the Dog
Source: [http://www.davidhughesillustration.co.uk/gallery.php?category=books&picnum=1]

David Hughes's book "Walking the dog" is a series of sketchy drawings, with sprawling handwriting and crossed out words. I chose this book because I like the idea of recording day to day thoughts and activities like talking to other dog walkers. I find thoughts intriguing, its fun to delve into his, I feel its a book that people can relate to and also represents peoples daily experiences. He's told by the doctor he's drinking too much and should take more exercise, and therefore is prescribed a dog. The book is all about their (dog and his) walks together, and his thoughts as his mind wonders on the journey. The illustrations are fleeting like this thoughts.


Illustration Example: Quentin Blake
Source: [http://www.quentinblake.com/about/meet_qb.html]

I chose this Illustration of "the twits " as Quentin Blake has managed to bring what i consider to be the most humours and brilliant story to life. His Illustrations are full of movement and excitement. They are so exaggerated and funny. He represents great English story's with his iconic Illustrations.

Design Example: Thomas Heatherwick, New bus for London

The London bus is an iconic feature of England's capital and for the first time in 50 years TFL have commissioned a new development and Heatherwick has taken it on board. This bus reinstates one of the 1950's route-master's features, the "hop on, hop off" service. I think this brings a playful and nostalgic element and makes jumping onto a bus much more enjoyable. The bus is lighter, more spacious and importantly 15 per cent more fuel efficient than existing hybrid buses and 40 per cent more efficient than conventional diesel double-deckers. I cant wait to use one.

Design Example: William Morris "Larkspur"
Morris was a huge part of the Arts and Crafts movement, Medieval patterns were a key influence in this movement. William Morris was partially curious about it and visited northern France to look at the great gothic cathedrals. The medieval world is a fascinating part of English history. His designs are successful because as they are clear, and do not dissemble, they are intended to decorate flat surfaces, and I think they bring them to life. This is an example of fine English decor.

Design Example: The Shard, Designed by Architect, Renzo Piano 
(Still in working progress) 
Source: [http://the-shard.com/overview]

 I have been watching and admiring the glass tower grow. I love the shape, once finished The Shard will become the tallest building in England. I feel it is a landmark in England. The design was inspired by old pictures of church spires and ship masts on a river. It is dreamy and captivating. The glass on the building is designed to catch different lights throughout the day and right at the top of the building is a "radiator" to protect cooling breezes from the apartments bellow, part of the projects effort to be sustainable. Renzo Piano said "Towering buildings belong to our imagination and if a new one can fit with the dream of people it will be a success."And I think it has!

Art example: David Hockney (in stage design) "The Rakes Progress" 
performed at Glyndebourne Festival Opera, 1975 
Source: [http://www.hockneypictures.com/rakes_progress.php#]

David Hockney did a lot of stage design. I am inspired by theatres, and Hockney's sets where beautiful for this opera. I love the simplicity of the line drawings. They are magical and look like a pop up book. I think his work translates well to the stage. I've chosen this piece as I am constantly inspired by Hockney's work and also feel that theatre and opera is an important feature to my country. 
Art Example: Lucian Freud, The Queen
Source [http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/andrewmcfbrown/100098298/how-lucian-freuds-portrait-of-the-queen-divided-critics/]

I think this painting is important because its one of the first true representations of our monarch. I love Freud's fleshy drawings he paints all the veins and bulges in the skin. They are brutally honest, and tell a story through their faces.  I think this painting conveys a strange life that has been serious and dedicated.

Art example, Barbara Hepworth.
Sculpture with colour (Deep red and blue)
Source [http://www.barbarahepworth.org.uk/sculptures/1940/sculpture-with-colour-deep-blu/]

I visit cornwall St ives every year and love the landscapes. When I saw this sculpture it reminded me of a world of water and chalky hills. I started researching it and found some writing from Hepworth on the piece: " The strings were the tension I felt between myself and the sea, the wind or the hills. The barbaric and magical countryside of rocky hills, fertile valleys, and dynamic coastline of West Penwith."
I feel Barbara Hepworth is emotionally connected to England and interacts with it through her sculptures. England's landscapes and stormy seas are important to me and i feel essential to the make-up of england.

For my summer project I was asked to find three visual examples of Art, Design and Illustration that are relevant to my country and me. My country is England.