Design Example: The Shard, Designed by Architect, Renzo Piano 
(Still in working progress) 
Source: [http://the-shard.com/overview]

 I have been watching and admiring the glass tower grow. I love the shape, once finished The Shard will become the tallest building in England. I feel it is a landmark in England. The design was inspired by old pictures of church spires and ship masts on a river. It is dreamy and captivating. The glass on the building is designed to catch different lights throughout the day and right at the top of the building is a "radiator" to protect cooling breezes from the apartments bellow, part of the projects effort to be sustainable. Renzo Piano said "Towering buildings belong to our imagination and if a new one can fit with the dream of people it will be a success."And I think it has!

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