Art example, Barbara Hepworth.
Sculpture with colour (Deep red and blue)
Source [http://www.barbarahepworth.org.uk/sculptures/1940/sculpture-with-colour-deep-blu/]

I visit cornwall St ives every year and love the landscapes. When I saw this sculpture it reminded me of a world of water and chalky hills. I started researching it and found some writing from Hepworth on the piece: " The strings were the tension I felt between myself and the sea, the wind or the hills. The barbaric and magical countryside of rocky hills, fertile valleys, and dynamic coastline of West Penwith."
I feel Barbara Hepworth is emotionally connected to England and interacts with it through her sculptures. England's landscapes and stormy seas are important to me and i feel essential to the make-up of england.

For my summer project I was asked to find three visual examples of Art, Design and Illustration that are relevant to my country and me. My country is England.

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