Lubaina Himid- ive just found this guys work, he is exhibting at the tate britain at the moment in an exhibiton called migrations...i think the exhibtion follows overseas artists journeys becoming known in england ( but havent been) i love his work though, i like the 3d models, its all flat, but he works with perspective with pottery..these two pieces seem to be placing aficain figures into traditional english locations, prehaps thats somthing to do with the migration theme


getting into costume, lights on

me looking good, to make head cast rap head in cling film and apply 3 layers of mud-rock to create shape. Ritta also stuffed bubble wrap onto my head to create a new alien species!!! mud rock doesnt take too long to hold shape but needs about a day to dry, put near a radiator!! 

this was my costume, better pictures to come, i found a old petticoat from a wedding dress and attached lots of seethroug fabrics and lights, also made a cast of my head to change the shape of my head inside the costume, i didnt want to resemble a human in any way

ive been working on a costume project, we had to create a new creature in its primary state. ive been really inspired by underwater creatures, espically glowing deep ones!! heres a cool video i found on youtube...ive made the costume and we now have to create an sort film around it....